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I play live in different constallations. Sometimes alone with my guitar, sometimes with my band and sometimes together with just one or two fellow musicians. I play in big venues, small cafés, beach pubs, private gardens, festivals and libraries. I give tradtional concerts but I also give performances with my music, storytelling and photos as with Train Stories Live described below. 

Feel free to contact me or my manager for questions or requests about gigs.

Train Stories Live - a musical journey from coast to coast

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Train Stories Stenungsund.jpg
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Lyrics, music and photos: Su Andersson
Arrangement: Su Andersson & Axel Jane

The performance is based on Su's debut album, "Train Stories" for which she got her inspiration from a coast-to-coast train journey in the USA. Here, the audience can join a musical journey through the United States, and during the performance a slide show is also shown, and Su reads from her travel diary. Fellow musician is Axel Jane, who is also featured as a guest artist on Su's second album "Brave".


"Train stories" has been performed in a number of places in Sweden, Norway and Denmark and is currently in February 2024 set up as a library performance in Western Sweden. The performance is 1 hour long and can be performed in Swedish or English. 


- We love coming to new places and meeting a new audience. The audience also really enjoys going along on the journey through the United States. 


Some audience reactions:
"Absolutely wonderful. Enjoyed every second. Imagine being able to take part in such a trip"

"What a great concept! (text-photo-music)"

"Wonderful voice to lovely swinging accompaniment! And exciting stories"

Booking information

Compensation: SEK 10,000 on invoice (not subject to VAT) + travel compensation as well as accommodation, if necessary. Required equipment is provided by us, however positive if it is on site, then we can avoid taking a car - if it is possible to reach the venue by train.


References from previous organizers:

April Karlsson, librarian:

Frida Boson, cultural coordinator:
Catrin Wolgner, culture secretary:

Michael Jensen, culture secretary:

Johan Frick, cultural coordinator:

For bookings, contact Su or her manager Alf. 

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