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Brave Art Cover.png

Photos: Rachlel Koumparou


A musical celebration of humanity's need
for connection, for
community, for togetherness

Whilst the post pandemic world led to a desire for connection, for community and for togetherness, it is of little surprise that the creatives in our midst have been able to both recognise and harness this yearning into artistic outpouring. ‘Brave,’ the forthcoming album from Swedish songstress Su Andersson, is a musical epitome of this very phenomenon, being connective both in its lyrical storytelling, and in terms of the collaborations that form the bulk of its make-up.


It is a substantial departure from her previous album ‘Train Stories’, with its real-life and musical exploration holding up a mirror up to herself, being almost symbolic of Su’s own life journey. ‘Brave’ however replaces that mirror with a window, as Su seeks to both welcome and interact with the world around her, and the opportunities it provides. 


I found that other artists I reached out to where as keen to connect as I was. The album features a broad range of duets, from Canadian folk noir-ist Wendy McNeill to US soulstress Naiika Sings, via West Australian singer-songwriter Ryan Edmond.“Its amazing really, there are people around the corner if you’re willing to go there, and are brave enough to make that step, and say hello.” As a musical celebration of humanity’s capacity and need for connection, for community, for togetherness, Brave does precisely that, whilst celebrating a whole lot more.

Listen to Brave on Spotify.

press reviews

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had the pleasure to listen to an album that was exquisite from start to finish. Su sounds like no one. Her collaborators insure it. A true original. I’d listen to anything Ms. Andersson.” 


"Out of Sweden comes singer/songwriter SU ANDERSSON, who delivers after the 2 corona years a new album titled Brave. She has been making music for over several decades, and along with the help of a list of other guest musicians, Su recorded a nice NEIL YOUNGish singer/songwriter ish pop/rock album. Vocally sounding very nasal, it reflects a clear American influence and also has very slight STEVIE NICKS influences."

STRUTTERZINE (NL) Gabor Kleinbloesem

“The result sets a new standard of musical excellence in the modern pop-rock era. In a world of angst and war, with Brave Su Andersson gives music fans reasons to be optimis­tic and brave.”
Read the full review on Roots Music Reports

ROOTSY MUSIC REPORT (US) Robert Silverstein

"Su Andersson’s Brave is an album that follows in the great assertive tradition of progressive folk, meeting the blue-jeaned coffee-house muster with a distinctive voice and acoustic guitar." 

Read the full review on Something else

SOMETHING ELSE (US) Bill Golembeski 

"Göteborgskan Su Andersson gör kompetent och trivsam americana som inte saknar udd, hämtad från en punkigare mer alternativ sida rotad i såväl 70-tal som 90-tal. (...) Det finns ett visst mått av avighet i hennes musik som gör att hon kommer in lite från sidan i det välkända, musikaliska landskapet".

Read the full review from Göteborgs-Posten (in swedish)

GÖTEBORGS-POSTEN (SE) 29 July 2022 Johan Lindqvist

“Jag både kan och inte kan riktigt fatta hur det är möjligt att hon sjunger som en veteran. Hon sjunger liksom ur den sångkarriär hon inte haft, som om hon debuterade, säg, 1969-70 och väl måste ha gjort något tiotal album.”

Hifi & Musik (SE) September 2022 Bengt Eriksson

Lyrics and artwork

Words and estetics are as important as music to me. Together they create the special universe that forms every album or single. You find my lyrics below as well as the wonderful artwork made by the spanish artist Xema Fuertes. Free to download but don't forget the artists name if you publish.


You can also bring it home to you in form of prints, postcards and other merch from my webshop.

Xema Fuertes, Valencia

José Ramon Folch Gilbert,

Lanevera ediciones, Valencia

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