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This text is about my journey towards a full engagement in my lifelong passion music. It's written by Tim Ferrone based on a conversation we had before my release of Brave. 

"Su Andersson was born and raised in Gothenburg, on the west coast of Sweden. She still lives in the city she loves, she’s got her family and friends here, it’s near the sea, and have good music venues.


Su’s music journey started with an acoustic guitar at the age of twelve, lead her through the songs of Elton John, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell as teenager, a member of a cover band aside her 8-5 work as architect during 15 years, starting a duo together with a good musician friend. Then after 35 years working as architect, she dropped it all, to give it all to her passion for music. 


A couple of years before she left her long worklife she had become intrigued by the American singer-songwriter Laura Gibson, who’s album ‘Empire Builder’ was based around her experience of taking the well-trodden train journey spanning between Chicago and Portland/Seattle. Something in the combination of musical narrative and physical journey struck a chord; she felt a yearning to return to the US, to take the process further still, and plot a coast-to-coast trip documented by song; the album that was ultimately to become ‘Train Stories’ had begun its long gestation. The travel through 15 states in USA took place in 2019, the recording of the ten songs was made in Gothenburg and Berlin 2020, and the album was released in the autumn 2020.


Her second album “Brave” was coming out of a time in isolation and there was a yearning for connection, for community, for togetherness. The pandemic provided so much time for reflection, on people, on stories or events that have made an impression to her. Yet it was impossible to escape the desire to want to interact with other people, no matter how insular a world we have found ourselves in. As music itself is so collaborative in nature, it seemed entirely natural to her to want to extend that notion as far as possible, and to make an album that proactively sought artistic collaboration with open arms, and warmth of spirit. Brave was written 2020, recorded 2021 and luckily borned in the summer of 2022.


As well “Train Stories” as “Brave” have received a lot of attention with very high ratings in Sweden as well as the rest of Europe and the USA.


Su makes most of her recording in different studios in Gothenburg, but have also written, recorded and produced songs in two of her other favorite cities, Berlin and New York. These cities are also big sources of influences. Her songs content a lot of the minor chords and her strong voice tells us, often in a melancholy way, about travels and meetings in reality and in fantasy. Su loves to take the audience along her travels, and the audience loves to travel with her. There’s a diversity in the harmonies, with lyrics where the words linger with the listener.

Su usually performs solo with her guitar, but loves to play with a band as well. 
They who have seen and listened to Su knows that she loves what she’s doing when she performs her music – on the small venues in Gothenburg, Berlin or New York".

Photographer: Ellika Henriksson

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