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Photographer: Tobias Annerfeldt


Photographer: Tobias Annerfeldt

Photographer: Tobias Annerfeldt

I love to play live. On my own with my guitar or with my fantastic band. Sharing my music with you all in the audience is really the best moment for me and I think you sense that. You find my concerts and tickets sale below. 

Live concerts 2013-2023

Pustervik, Göteborg, 2023 (with band)

Medley, Malmö, 2023 (with band)
Galleri Bh5, Kulturnatta Stenungsund, 2022
Ateljé Lotta, Vaxholm 2022
Trädgårdskonsert, Bromma 2022
Riddarhyttans allaktivitetshus, 2022
Brekkestöhaven Kulturkafé, Brekkestö/NO 2022
Vegabryggeriet, Gothenburg 2022 (with band)
Säröhus, Halland, 2022
Majornas Bokmässa, 2022
Majornas böcker och kaffe, Gothenburg, 2022
Barsac, vin&mat, Gothenburg, 2021
Mimers kulturhus, Kungälv, 2021
Bar Centro Excursionista, Valencia/ES 2021
Chez Ramme, Chavennes-de-Boglis/CH, 2021
Zimmer 16, Berlin/GE, 2021
All My Friends Are Stars Festival, Gothenburg 2020, 2021
Gerlesborg Kök & Café, 2021
Glommens Fiskekrog, 2021
Viktors kaffe, Gothenburg, 2021
Low-Fi Concert, Härryda, 2021
Low-Fi Concert, Kållered, 2021
In garden concert, Gothenburg, 2021
Mariaplans Bokhandel, Gothenburg, 2020, 2021
Fyrens ölkafé, Gothenburg, 2020
2Lång, Gothenburg, 2019, 2020 (with band)
Barleys, Gothenburg, 2019
Café Hängmattan, Gothenburg, 2019
Reine, Lofoten/NO, 2017
Hell Phone, Brooklyn, New York/US, 2017
Bitter End, Greenwich Village, New York/US, 2016
Park Side Lounge, East Village, New York/US, 2014, 2016
Coffeed, Queens, New York/US, 2014
One to One Lounge, East Village, New York/US, 2013

In addition to this, a number of corporate events

Roskildefestivalen 1993 + 1994 (with band)


Performances in general, in various smaller contexts mainly in Gothenburg, Berlin and Norway.

reviews/feedback (SE)
Mats Hallberg
Pustervik, Göteborg 19 january 2023

""Happy audience get what they want in an exquisitely executed hour, namely a full ending. In turn, the title song of the acclaimed CD, the raucous Missing It All and the lyrical ballad Turquoise And Rust, in which Axel naturally joins as a duet partner, work also as the only accompanist. In the rousing sounds where the band let loose in a jam-oriented piece, I spontaneously referred to the Byrds and 10cc. The band and the artist at the center radiate weight and musical curiosity!"

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Low-fi concert (SE) 

Kållered, August 2021

Fredrik H.

Our concert with Su Andersson was the best imaginable. (...) And Su was superb when she took us on her adventure "Train stories" along the American continent. Fine-tuned melodies and strong lyrics that depict people, environments and meetings - from mice to people in the city and the countryside. What makes Su extra good is her unique interlude before each song. Small stories and anecdotes that give each song context and weight. She helps you paint an inner picture while you hear her sing the song. It gives a new dimension. Top class! "

Waxholm, September 2022
Lotta Grönkvist A
ncredibly professional and cool experienced artist who kind of owns the whole room! (...) Su is a safe bet if you want to let the audience go lyrical from the concert! Completely own concept and as good as it gets! I am very happy with my choice of premiere artist!"

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